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About Us

Sienna was established in 2001. At start, it was only retail but by 2007 and with the high-quality work that was being produced, Sienna opened its factory based in Lebanon.

After Sienna opened it factory, it started receiving production requirements from outside Lebanon. Even though the factory is based in Lebanon, Sienna was able to expand and work for interior designers and wedding planners outside Lebanon like gulf countries, Europe and USA.

What specializes Sienna is its usage of high-quality raw materials since most of its products are used in 5-star hotels.

What specializes Sienna is the multiple designs available in the factory as well as the customization service where you get the chance to choose any model of your choice and the staff will customize it for you.

The key point to Sienna’s success is its friendly team who makes you feel part of them and their fast service